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DJ WebGuy is an 'early MTV tribute DJ' or Vee Jay. What does that mean? It means that if MTV had never stopped playing music videos 24/7, DJ WebGuy would be the mobile version of MTV. But since MTV doesn't really play music videos 24/7 anymore, they're not really as "Music Television" as they used to be. DJ WebGuy plays non-stop music videos with very little 'talk' on the mic.

Since August 1, 1981 when MTV first launched, the music video became the most potentially enjoyable way to experience music. Whether its rock or pop, country or metal, music videos tell a story. That story brings emotions. Emotions can make us happy, sad, melancholy and reminiscent.

Celebrating with music videos makes more sense than a plain music DJ show for a number of reasons:
  • People of all ages can enjoy the show
  • People of all levels of physical ability can enjoy the show
  • Music Videos give you something to look at between periods of dancing
  • Music Videos are just plain cool and add a new dimension to your event
While we will play events that call for music only, you're sort of missing the point of DJ WebGuy when hiring us for music only.

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