Whether you call it a Sweet 16 party or a coming of age party, music videos are what you want!

DJ WebGuy is just a kid at heart. Still listens to Top 40 and has been known to sorta 'lose it' when a great hip-hop song comes on. With a ginormous music collection and new songs being added daily, there's little chance that you won't hear your favorite. With our request forms, you can make sure of it.

DJ WebGuy's one of a kind show combines some modest lighting effects (unless you opt for insane lighting package 'add on') with huge video display and tried and true 'old school' sound amplification to bring you one of the most enjoyable music experiences you will ever have, Period!

DJ WebGuy can provide everything from dinner music to full on dance with Rock, Pop, Soul, Funk, Country, RAP and whatever else the kids are listening to these days.

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