Wedding Receptions by DJ WebGuy are Very Memorable

DJ WebGuy can make your wedding reception memorable. DJ WebGuy's been at it for 40 years and in that time we've amassed a ginormous music collection and, when your reception is held in a venue with broadband Internet access, there is virtually no request that's impossible to play.

DJ WebGuy's one of a kind show combines a PA sound system and microphone for announcements, some modest lighting effects (unless you opt for insane lighting package 'add on') with huge video display and tried and true 'old school' sound amplification to bring you one of the most enjoyable music experiences you will ever have, Period! In our 40 years of DJing events, DJ WebGuy has nary a complaint. That's right. Guaranteed to get your toes tappin' and thoroughly entertain every guest at your reception.

Perfectly suited for wedding receptions, DJ WebGuy's collection of music videos has all of your old favorites as well as today's top 40. Nothing is impossible for DJ WebGuy. If we cannot find your song we'll use your own recording whenever practical to do so. Custom video and video slideshows are also available.

DJ WebGuy can provide everything from dinner and cocktail music to full on dance with Rock, Pop, Soul, Funk, Country, RAP and whatever else floats your boat.

DJ WebGuy never loses sight of the fact that it is ALL ABOUT THE BRIDE. This is a special day for both of you but the groom will have to agree that the wedding reception is — ultimately — HER night to shine. If you hire DJ WebGuy, the focus will be on the bride.

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